Billy was born in Cleveland in 1955. Raised on the Southside (Tremont) in a time when you had to be cool, tough, and street smart in order to survive. Billy saw the hopelessness and desperation in the eyes of neighbors and he has lived through the violence, drugs, and love in Cleveland during the late 60s and 70s.

His songs are vivid portrayals of friends, places, and situations Billy has experienced. These past experiences continue to help him form and project a vision of whatit was like to live on the Southside back in his day.

Billy studied piano at an early age, however, it wasn't until age 29 that his interest in song writing began after taking piano theory classes. The perfect simplicity of his piano chording and complexity of his right hand technique give his songs a perfect blend combined with his heart felt lyrics.

Over the years, Billy has played in several local bands in Cleveland. In the 90s he lead the famous "King Bunny Band" which were very popular in Tremont area. His last band was Billy Clarksville & the Sinsations. After a ten year run, the band cordially split.

Currently Billy is rehearsing with his new and improved band with Donnie Boston back on lead guitar with veteran drummer Irish West and bassist/vocalist Mike Suchecky. Plans for a late spring tour are in the making. Check the website for future details.

Considering Billy's physical structure, one is amazed at his natural ability in modeling. Many of his published photos can be seen if you click onto Billy's photos. Billy's motto is "When you dress good, you look good, when you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you play good." Cloths and style have always been important to Billy in when performing or just being on the town. Clothing changes between song sets are common for Billy. He is known as one of the sharpest dressed rockers in Ohio.

When Billy is not in clubs, he can be found recording with his close friend and fellow songwriter Peter Ball at Apartment One studios. Peter is an encyclopedia of knowledge about rock & roll. To hear more of Peter Ball's songs go to Apartment One and click on Peter.

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